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"Me (Mum)"   Home, caught finger in a whisk which went flying across the room.  I didn't feel a thing till after the op.  Saw my finger across the next figer to the left finger and thought, hold on whats the sausage doing there, (as hubby wanted sasuage for dinner), but made a cake first or tried to......then relalized it was my dislocated finger. Went to hospital and thought I would loose my finger. Had to have gas and air to put finger back in its place, thought if I take in any more gas and air I will faint. (Last time had gas and air when I had a baby). Returned home finished cooking dinner and cake and went back to another hospital next day to have a three hour operation. 


 Didn't hardly sleep although nurse thought I did. I just don't make a fuss after being with five women who had very series operations........


Later still morning, waited for my husband to collect me. Told to go to the rest room till got lift -  waited couple of hours or more. It was dinner time then and I felt so ill and kept lying on the floor and every time someone came in got up. I didn't want to make a fuss.  Eat dinner and had my lift and was sick most of the way home had to keep stoping - and it wasn't food it was clear carrtagh or some form of liquid (my body produces this weird liquid which when really ill takes two days to get rid off and am up two days and two nights) my usual sysmtom that I get no one knows what it is - or something.  Had to keep stoping........

You wouldn't think a finger operation like that would be so paintful. I had to excersise since the operation for months. Now ok but hurts when I play the quitar.


 Thanks to great surgens, still got finger. Thought art days over, found it hard doing my dissertation and art which led to louzy tutorials as I was so druged up cos of the pain. Managed to carry on with the degree and ended up with BA (Hons) Fine Art with a 'Outstanding Acheivment Award'.


I had been studying art for 12 years all told. Not so easy playing guitar since though.....a long story..... I had been having a very dramtic time so many issues to sort out - awful at times -  and how I managed to finish the degree god knows but I did. So never give up no matter what.


  Ps I had given a doctor electric shock couple of times when they touched my elbow. Said it never happened to them before. I said, it has been known for me to stop all computers, (twice) and my arm is also a aerial when I have the radio on.....

Me working at night, in the middle of the night, oh am tired but can't always sleep so art will help. Working on my project for the degree. Yes, never thought I would or could do it till years later. Watched others do it now my turn. For those who thought I couldn't or wouldn't I dedicate this to you.  Ha Ha !!   Finished off with BA (Hons) Degree with 'Outstanding Acheivment Award' Oh and £100 voucher. Thank you Northbrook College, part of Brighton University.  12 years studied art. Didn't have a chance before in my life. So everyone, 'Never Too late'

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Had no heating either, central heating packed up too, plus had metre which drained our money which is now put back to normal. So two years was hell. Got heaters in the end and later got part fixed so heating worked but it was rough for two years. Dreadful. Plus we were told our house smelt of gas so not allowed to have gas fire on. Later found out it was rubbish. 


Trying to  paint like artist Bacon will his influance which ended up like this paintings below. So I was relating to religion as my theme was split twins and using some connection with twin (nun) pope - Studying art at uni, degree. 

Also reflections us myself modelling.


When ever I see shadow I take images and at the times I use myself, camera in one hand. I feel I am a show at times -  but also it gives me a chance to take images in the most weirest places. ie,

Chichester, West Sussex - using a scanner processing my hand with item in the back room my house, and back garden in Rustington - spare bedroom daughters house instoke -

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