Uptopia Art
Uptopia Art

Reflections (my body) Holding cameria in one hand, posing using my body which reflected onto the wall as the sun shun through the window.

Above: My dads grave, he wanted to be cremated sadly his wish never happened. He wanted to be creamated and his ashes scattered in the sea so he said, " I want to be cremated and ashes thrown in the sea at Littlehampton - so where ever we are at the sea no matter what part of the world he will be with us and if we are in the sea and swollow some water - we have swolled him and he will always be with us". He laughed because of the last bit us swolling his ashes, will be always with us. (Tatus used to go and recover from his bypass surgery and be with us especially when he wanted to commit suicide when things got him down while he stood at the bridge so he used to say on the phone). He died from cancer two years after his heart surgery. We looked after him in our house during those times which annoyed his wife. I am trying to get my beach hut back which sadly got taken away  and no one knows how much it meant to me.  It was a sad beriel and he wanted us to be happy so when I visited his grave I tried to cheer mysellf up and act as if he was there. "dad I will be happy on your grave and dance as I know you would love that. It was raining so much so I posed and took photos of myself like for me and art, makes me feel am something.  Other half took the ones of me on his grave, three - then he walked off....I took the others and of course much more . It was boring for him bless (my husband that is but at least he took me)

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