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I have over the years used a few cheap cameras  as it was all I had at the time and using someone elses.  I also believe in capturing images in a natural way - take pictures as they appear as sometimes no time to do otherwise therefore not always the best result but better then nothing.     I would of loved to have a professional camera of course but hey what is wrong with the one I have -  it will have to do. I have been taking photos of my back garden for ninteen years capturing  the enviorment  as it changes when i can, which will end up as history and if I could make all my images ace that would be a dream.  This is a snipit of what I have and shall  add more but perhaps make a book as too much to add. 

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Princess Shandy our cat now 18 yrs old. We love her to bits and we look after her as she also looks after us. She modles very well and is so patient and knows what to do when the camera appears. clever she is.

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Pidigon family in my garden. Parents mated in my garden and then - hey baby comes along, yerrrrrrrh? Stared life in my garden during the spring  (mating season) summer, seasons 2015. Result  of some natural life in the back garden.

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