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 "Tramps: 18th Century Bogus Tax Collector"   

 Names:  Jeptha   -   Fig 1

 Name:    Cephas  -   Fig 2     

 Name:    Silas       -   Fig 3


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Copyright © Elzbieta D Harbord 2015



My craft sculpture pieces relate to tramps living in London begging for food at a hostel run by nuns. A memory whilst living, working - later moved and met a tax collector.  Reading about life in Victorian times. Tramps have been around for hundreds of years and still are today with also bogus human beings pretending to be tax collectors.  (Note: I am not accusing anyone today of being a fraud relating to tax collectors.)  The king of the tramps named Cephas wears a cloak wrapped around  him.  Two other tramps have also Victorian names Jeptha and Silas; the latter is looking like a witch.  To be continued....at a later date, who knows when or where.



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Copyright © Elzbieta D Harbord 2015


Name: Cephas - Height 23cm x

W 31cm x  D 29cm



Cephas - Is the leader of all the tramps, bald headed master of authority depicted by his appearance.


Copyright © Elzbieta D Harbord 2015


Name: Cephas









Copyright © Elzbieta D Harbord 2015



Name:Jeptha  -  H 20cm x W 15cm x  D 11cm




Jeptha -  manages to live a better life then others as he is more distinguished and a survivor.





Copyright © Elzbieta D Harbord 2015




Name: Jeptha












Copyright © Elzbieta D Harbord 2015

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